Zeoponic Technology

    Cation Exchange Capacity

The Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of a soil (or soil amendment) represents one way to measure the nutrient holding capacity of the soil (or amendment).  Some root zones, such as sand, have inherently low levels of cation exchange capacity and cannot hold nutrients effectively.  These root zones can be changed to allow them to hold more nutrients by adding amendments with high levels of CEC.  Materials like ZeoPro have very high levels of CEC and can materially improve the ability of a sand based root zone to hold nutrients.  As the picture below shows, a small amount of ZeoPro can add significant levels of CEC.  For example, you need 40 times as much sand to achieve the same amount of CEC.  Or you need 5 times the amount of Profile or 13 times the amount of peat to add the same amount of CEC compared to the amount of ZeoPro needed.  Zeoponic materials like ZeoPro also have a unique ability to deliver nutrients to turf through ion exchange and dissolution triggered by the plants need for nutrients.  No other amendment can offer this dual benefit of high CEC and effective nutrient delivery.