Zeoponic Technology


  The zeoponic materials developed by NASA and manufactured by ZeoponiX are a combination of a nutrient charged zeolite (that is a natural zeolite in which the ion exchange sites have been loaded with selected nutrient cations) and slowly dissolving substances that contain a specific nutrient anion (phosphorus) and additional nutrient cations.  The charged zeolite interacts in the plant rhizosphere with the slowly dissolving substances to provide nutrients in a slow release fashion through a combination of ion exchange and chemical dissolution reactions.  The result is a growth medium/specialty fertilizer that when added to any other media will result in improved plant performance.  This section documents testing of ZeoPro.
     ZeoponiX, in cooperation with NASA, has studied the impacts of adding its zeoponic materials to other media in a variety of turf, floriculture and vegetable applications.  Summaries of most of that research is available here by clicking on the appropriate links.

          Turf Research        Floriculture  Research            Vegetable Research