Zeoponic Technology

ZeoPro is a combination growth medium/fertilizer/soil amendment.  It makes plants perform better because of its unique patented nutrient delivery system that improves nutrient delivery to the plants.  It is a granular product that is a combination of a nutrient charged zeolite (clinoptilolite) and synthetic apatite (a slow release form of phosphorus developed by NASA).  It is added to other growth media in relatively small quantities, typically 5% - 10%.

ZeoPro is manufactured from a natural source of clinoptilolite, a form of naturally occurring zeolite.  It is not manufactured using any waste materials.  Various states have asked that we analyze for trace metal contents.  Our testing has shown:  As 5ppm, Cd 0.5 ppm, Co 1.0 ppm, Hg 0.23 ppm, Mo 0.5 ppm, Ni 2.1 ppm, Pb 22 ppm, Se 2.0 ppm and Zn 0.5 ppm.