Zeoponic Technology

Floriculture Research and Application

ZeoponiX has conducted a variety of test to measure the advantages of using ZeoPro in the production of flowering plants.  These tests involve the amending of a conventional potting mix (normally a peat:perlite mix) with different rates of ZeoPro or another zeoponic material.  A number of tests were conducted by ZeoponiX in a greenhouse in 1996-1997.  Additional tests have been conducted by a number of professional grower in 2000.  The impatiens test Flo 1.1 involved starter plugs.  Three different marigold tests were conducted, involving both 4" and 6" pots.  One test involved impatiens production in 4" pots.  The bedding plant tests involving the geranium, pansy and petunia plants see conducted together.  A chrysanthemum test involving leachate measurements was conducted by the University of Illinois.  Several cooperative research tests have been conducted by commercial greenhouse growers in the Denver area.  To see a summary of any of these tests click on the link for that test below.


Picture    Impatiens Flo 1.1 (plug trials)


Picture    Marigold Flo 1.2


Picture    Marigold Flo 2.1


Picture    Marigold Flo 3.1


Picture   Impatiens Flo 3.2


Picture    Geranium Flo 3.3


Picture Petunia Flo 3.4


Picture    Pansy Flo 3.5


Picture    Chrysanthemum University of Illinois

    New Guinea Impatiens

    Zonal Geranium


    Bedding Plant Trials


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