Zeoponic Technology

Turf Research and Application

ZeoponiX has conducted turf research on both bentgrass and Bermuda grass.  Studies have included the use of ZeoProTM in new construction and as a topdressing material.  Summaries of many of the tests are available on this site.  Some tests are still underway or awaiting the publishing of results by the researcher.  To see a summary of any test on this site click on the appropriate button below.  Turf test 1.1 was an early greenhouse test of a zeoponic material.  Turf test 2.1 and 2.2 were field plot new construction tests.  The Cornell test was a new construction test.  The University of Florida test was a topdressing test.  The Colorado State University tests included both new construction and topdressing.  The Rutgers University test was a new construction test that is still ongoing with additional  topdressing observations. The Central Lancashire tests were both new construction (seedling emergence) and leaching tests.  The test at Texas State Technical College was a new construction test.  The test at the Westwoods Golf Course was a new construction test.


Picture    Turfgrass Establishment (Turf 1.1)


Picture    Turfgrass Establishment-3" incorporation (Turf 2.1)


Picture    Turfgrass Establishment 12" incorporation (Turf 2.2)


Picture    Turfgrass Establishment - Cornell University


    Turfgrass Topdressing - University of Florida


Picture    Turfgrass Establishment - Colorado State University


Picture   Turfgrass Establishment - Colorado State University


Picture    Turfgrass Topdressing - Colorado State University


    Turfgrass Establishment - Rutgers University


    Turfgrass Establishment - Univ of Central Lancashire


    Rootzone Leaching - Univ. of Central Lancashire



Picture   Turfgrass Establishment - Texas State Technical College


    Turfgrass Establishment - Westwoods Golf Course