Zeoponic Technology

ZeoPro TM
Using Space Age Technology to Improve
Horticulture and the Environment


      The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), has developed a new kind of growth media for plants (called zeoponic materials) that carries within itself the nutrients needed by the plants and provides those nutrients in a very efficient manner. 

      ZeoponiX, Inc. has further developed the technology and now makes a soil amendment/fertilizer zeoponic material (ZeoProTM) available to everyone who wants to make  their sports field, golf green, greenhouse, nursery, houseplant, flower bed, vegetable garden or lawn perform better, utilize nutrients more efficiently and reduce nutrient leaching into the environment.

     ZeoponiX  is working hard to make the benefits of this new technology available right here on earth.

    Explore this site to see how you can use this exciting new technology.  ZeoPro is the only commercially available 'zeoponic' material.  ZeoPro is a fertilizer and soil amendment that you add to other growth media to improve how they hold and deliver nutrients and water.  On this site you can learn more about ZeoPro, zeoponic technology and natural zeolites, review the test results of research using zeoponic materials, and find out where you can buy some ZeoPro.    You can also learn more about  why you should use ZeoPro and how to use ZeoPro.  This includes how you apply it and how much to use.  Check out this site.  It may change the way you grow things.  ZeoponiX, Inc. has also sold the rights to sell ZeoPro into the golf, sports turf and professional landscape markets in the United States, Canada and Mexico to Grigg Brothers.  For any other countries or for any other markets or uses including green roofs in the United States or elsewhere, ZeoPro continues to be available only from ZeoponiX, Inc. and its distributors.

    Also available,  ZeoPro Organic.

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