What is ZeoPro?

What is ZeoPro?

ZeoPro Defined:

ZeoPro is a combination superior soil amendment and a high efficiency fertilizer, having the key features:

  • High quality natural zeolite mineral clinoptilolite
  • Modifications to the natural zeolite to include ion exchanged key plant nutrients
  • Propriety forms of phosphorus, including a specially manufactured, solubility controlled synthetic apatite
  • Other proprietary ingredients

These key ingredients act together in a controlled chemistry of delivery and release of the plant nutrients from ZeoPro, driven by the natural physiological biochemistry of the plant, initiated by exudates from plant root membranes to stimulate the release of nutrients that the plant needs, when it needs them.

High Efficiency Nutrient Delivery

ZeoPro is superior to conventional soil amendments and fertilizers by its unique and highly efficient ion exchange delivery of nutrients to the growing plants…a delivery that is controlled by the plant demand for nutrition.

No Burn = Safe Fertilization

ZeoPro products with the key plant nutrients ion exchanged onto a carrier highly selected natural mineral do not result in the threat of fertilizer burn or osmotic stress of delicate plant roots like fertilizer burn effects from conventional soluble salt fertilizers, which include almost all other fertilizers in the market. This makes ZeoPro uniquely safe to use. Concern with operator error from excessive application rates is virtually eliminated with ZeoPro.

Rapid Plant Grow-In and Establishment -

A result of the efficient nutrient delivery is superior and rapid plant establishment from seed, cuttings, or plugs. Plants typically establish 25% or greater rate than when grown with standard grow in practices, observed in turf grasses, tree seedling production, and various other plants. This benefits by reduced production times for growers and lower input costs, including utilities and overhead from bench time in nurseries and greenhouses.

Environmentally Sound and Superior -

In addition, ZeoPro is environmentally superior to conventional fertilizers by avoiding nutrient and polluting losses to the environment which occur with conventional soluble salt fertilizers.   ZeoPro NPK delivery efficiency from 60 to 90% efficient compared to 35-40% with many conventional fertilizers.  ZeoPro physical properties of water holding and balanced release to plants provide for drought tolerance and high water use efficiency, saving money and water consumption, notably in arid areas with coarse textured soils.

For more about how ZeoPro works and how it is superior to other products please Contact ZeoponiX Inc.

ZeoPro(TM) the best combination soil amendment and fertilizer available on the planet, created by NASA