About Us

ZeoponiX, Inc. was established in the early 1990s to advance high technology plant growth science in cooperation with NASA, the USA space agency, and to commercialize zeoponic science. Cooperatively this scientific team developed high technology plant growth materials and methods.
Zeoponic products have been tested in space on shuttle and space station research for future long term and distant missions and as key components of environmental life support systems for food production and balanced environmental controls. ZeoponiX has also cooperated with European Space Agency research into zeoponic technology (Trondheim, Norway).

Spin-off Technology Use on Earth –

Patents were issued on zeoponic technology and ZeoponiX became the exclusive licensee of these patents. ZeoponiX Inc. scaled up to commercial production for the many beneficial applications of this superior technology on earth, introducing product in the late 1990s to golf and sports turf, floriculture, forestry, landscaping and other uses. This followed after several years of laboratory research, product and process development, and scores of beneficial horticultural and agronomic proofing trials in university and commercial scale tests.
ZeoponiX Inc. has been producing and selling its proprietary zeoponic products, ZeoPro line, since 1997 into a variety of high value and beneficial practical uses.

Commitment to Proof of Performance –

ZeoponiX is committed to establishing proof of performance for its ZeoPro line of products, and only makes performance claims based upon solid scientific research and demonstration.

Distribution of products -

ZeoponiX sells its ZeoPro line of products around the world through independent distributors. Sales are also made under agreements with manufacturers of secondary products for horticulture and agriculture, with ZeoPro included in special blends, usually under the label of the secondary manufacturer. This includes certain professional grower and consumer products in various market sectors.
Parties interested in becoming distributors or custom product manufacturers should contact us to discuss opportunities. Click here to inquire or send us a message.

ZeoPro(TM) the best combination soil amendment and fertilizer available on the planet, created by NASA