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ZeoPro and Golf Courses

ZeoPro for golf green & tees
ZeoPro for golf green & tees

ZeoPro for golf greens & tees, sports turf, race tracks, and other playing fields.




ZeoPro has years of successful applications to golf course greens and tees around the world.  There is no better way to increase root zone cation exchange capacity and water holding capability.

The benefits are many:

  • Reduced fertility requirements due to higher nutrient uptake efficiency
  • Reduced nutrient leach losses to drainage systems; and associated environmental protection benefits
  • Fast & deep root development during establishment
  • Lower water consumption from good plant available water holding yet effective drainage for excess water
  • Fast healing of core aeration maintenance
  • Drought tolerance improvements compared to other commercial soil amendments

Proven performance and research:

ZeoPro performance for golf and sports turf is supported by independent university research, and many on-field applied research demonstrations across the USA and in other countries.

ZeoPro has been compared in many of these research studies to competing and popular soil amending products including porous ceramics, diatomaceous earths, calcined clays, and others. These products provided only physical benefits such as drainage and porosity, while ZeoPro regularly outperforms these products due to its superior combined benefits of excellent physical properties, its built in nutrients, and its nutrient delivery and efficiency properties.

Turf Root Mass Development Study

ZeoPro stimulates root growth and speeds up grow in, as proven in research at Colorado State University.  This photo is of root cores at various rates of ZeoPro (labeled Product A) compared to the standard sand:peat root zone.  With 10% ZeoPro in the root zone mix the root mass was greater than the control plot with normal sand:peat blend and normal grow in fertility applied, measured at 20 days after seeding.

Colorado State University Research on Root Development
Colorado State University Research on ZeoPro Root Development at 20 Days After Seeding.  Product A is ZeoPro.

ZeoPro(TM) the best combination soil amendment and fertilizer available on the planet, created by NASA